Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill
Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill

Firehut® outdoor fireplace and grill


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Firehut looks great in the garden, on the patio or in the yard. It is just the perfect size and is versatile: it can be used for grilling, smoking, braising or frying. You can continue cooking your favourite dishes outdoors until late autumn and enjoy the cosy atmosphere created by real fire. 

This model includes  cast iron grill grate (diameter 45,5cm), it acts as an outdoor fireplace and a garden grill which you can enjoy by self, with family or friends a warm atmosphere in the blaze of fire. You can equip the fireplace at any time with the optional accessories you want, for optional accessories converts this fireplace even a smoker.

Also check out Masterkit equipment kit.

In addition to wood, you can also burn charcoal or briquettes, which make it possible to start grilling considerably faster.

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Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg.

149 € for following countries: Austria, France, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland and Czech Republic

We will use PostNord / DPD shipping services. The products will be delivered directly to your home. The driver will call you before the delivery to agree on the delivery time. FIREHUT is easy and fast to assemble according to the provided illustrated instructions: attach the parts together with bolts and your Firehut is ready for use!


  • width 74 cm (at below)
  • depth 76 cm (at below)
  • height: 141 cm
Size of the delivery package, wooden pallet

80 cm x 60 cm x 155 cm

Weight: 69 kg (without accessories)


Materials and standard accessories:
  • frame of the fireplace (COR-TEN® steel 3 mm) pre-treated patinated surface
  • fire grate (carbon black steel 6 mm)
  • ash catcher box (stainless steel)
  • rain cap (stainless steel)
  • ash tool (Corten steel)
  • (FH87003) porcelain enamelled cast iron grill grate (diameter 45,5 cm) and FCS-ring


MUST BE PLACED ON A NON-FLAMMABLE SURFACE. Remember the fire safety regulations if you place the fireplace near buildings.

The product is made of uncoated and unpainted steel. Each product is unique and may have small scratches or marks on the surface. This is a feature of the raw materials we use. The surface will attain its final appearance during the first weeks of use. Over time, the surface will change colour from red to dark brown and any scratches and marks will disappear.

COR-TEN® metal parts of the body have been pre-treated during production and have thin, coppery patina. The surface gets its final patina during the first weeks of use and turns from reddish hue to dark brown over time. The hue of the colour depends on the weather conditions, among other things.

1*) FIREHUT®’s unique design is protected with a registered Community design protection, EU registration No:003332030-0001 & 003809060-0001


ULTIMATE taste experiences

Authentic smoky flavour! There is nothing quite like the rich smoky flavour of a juicy steak grilled with wood! Add a new twist to vegetables with wood fire.


STRONG heat radiation

The sheltered firepit, open only in the front, generates strong heat. Real wood fire creates a warm, cosy and relaxing atmosphere both before and after grilling.


MADE FOR outdoor

Firehut can be left outdoors around the year, with no need to cover it. The body is made of weather-resistant COR-TEN® steel and is maintenance-free.


Ash removal

The large stainless steel ash catcher box is easy to empty. The delivery also contains an ash removal tool, with which you can easily pull ash to the ash catcher box.

Optimised air circulation

Air can circulate freely under the firepit grate even if the ash catcher box is closed. A blazing board can be placed on the front edge of the fireplace. The blazing board is sold separately.

Rain cap

The rain cap also functions as the adjustment valve for MASTERKIT accessories. When the upper valve is open only a little or nearly closed, the temperature in the grill rises and more smoke is formed.

Ingeniously designed Masterkit accessories

Cast iron grill grate

The porcelain enamelled cast iron grill grate is the only correct choice for wood-fire grilling. It withstands extreme heat without distortion and offers excellent frying properties. Cast iron reserves heat, making food juicy and delicious and leaving professional-looking grilling marks on its surface (only MASTERKIT or FH87003).

Front-edge hatch

A stainless steel hatch with a thermometer and a wooden handle (only MASTERKIT or FH87004).

Possible to use indirect heat

Combination of the smoking fire chamber and the heat diffuser plate securing gentle indirect heat. The grill grate can be also lifted higher, further away from the fire, into a “smoking position” (only MASTERKIT or FH87004).

It is just so nice to sit by fire...

Firehut can be used as a warm, beautiful and charming fireplace.


Unique design!


Robust and durable!


In Finland, from Finnish steel.


As we are flamingly passionate about each unique Firehut, we decided to give each of them a unique serial number.


Guides found in here



Feed the fire

Birch is a good choice for cooking or just enjoying the campfire atmosphere. For smoking, we recommend alder, beech, apple tree or oak, which yield the best smoky aromas.
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